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Private Coaching

All coaching sessions are booked for a minimum of One (1) hour.

Coaching for a Specific Audition
Actor must supply 2 copies of their role or "sides."

Coaching for Specific Role
Actor to supply 2 copies of the script & if possible, an estimate of time they wish
to work on their role before filming or when production goes into previews or opening.

Coaching for a Musical Audition, a Specific Musical Role, Club Act or Recording
Please call the number below per all the many variables involved:
Actor / Actress would supply their CD or taped accompaniment & their own electronic CD or tape player,
or bring their personal pianist, or I would book an accompanist and decide where the location would be best to work on a musical audition.

If an actor / actress is already cast in a specific role or wishes to work on a club act, or for a recording, we would mutually agree on a location.

Coaching via Telephone
Time may be reserved for "Coaching by Phone" for actors working out of town or on location.
If necessary, scripts or sides can be e-mailed, faxed or delivered via FedEx or UPS prior to the coaching session.

Click Here For Info Re: 6-Week Simulated Audition Class (Private)

Each Simulated Audition Class is a two (2) hour session.

Coaching Announcement with Testimonials:

Please submit any and all questions to: michaelkarm665@gmail.com

Please call (310) 985-5519 regarding booking time and rates.

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